Keynote Speakers

Jamal Raslan

Poets Passport MY

Jamal Raslan, affiliated to English Jer and Poets Passport MY, is a versatile writer, spoken word poet, copywriter, English educator, social worker and beat writer. He has been teaching English to youths with English Jer since 2016. An established spoken word poet in Kuala Lumpur, Jamal has spoken at TEDxKL and performed at the World Islamic Economic Forum. In 2016 his English poems were published in "Malchin Testament", an anthology published by Maya Press that featured Malaysian English poetry spanning 50 years.  He now runs the Malaysian chapter of Poets Passport, sending poetry contingents to represent Malaysia for the annual CEX Slam under Causeway EXchange Festival and founded The Straits, A Selat Melaka poetry slam (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) in 2017.

Featured Speakers

Soonufat Supramaniam

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Lubok Buntar, Kedah, Malaysia

As the founder of Leadspire Academy and a Teach For Malaysia alumnus, Soon believes that tapping the creative potential of children through performing arts education is at the core of transforming potential. In the past 4 years, Soon has been invited to conferences in Abu Dhabi, Cambodia, London and India. Two of his students' theatrical productions titled "Find Your Light" and "Singing To The Lions" were featured as Youth Production for George Town Festival 2017 and 2018 respectively. "Find Your Light 2017" also won the Best English Language Program 2018 in ASEAN Region. His focus on mastery learning, creativity in teaching and learning as well as interest in innovative practices has led him to win Teach For Malaysia's YTL Transformational Teaching Award in 2018.